Holy Crap!

Yes, I agreed to sign all 1,500 copies of Agent to the Stars. But Hoppin’ Jesus in a Sequined Vest! I didn’t realize what 1,500 copies meant until a freakin’ huge box appeared at my door today, with 1,500 actual pages to sign. That’s three reams of paper. And I’ve got to do it all in the next several days.

All I can say is this book damn well better sell out. I’m scribbling myself into crippling tendonitis, here. (Buy it from Subterranean Press! Or Amazon! Really, either way).

And now I’m off to find some pens.

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    Not for the crippling tendonitis – been there, done that – but for Agent being so close at hand!

  2. Oh, good grief. Get a blinkin’ signature stamp, already. My feeling has always been, somebody spends, what, a year or two writing a book, why in the ever lovin’ blue-eyed world is it better if he signs it? Never has made sense to me. Tendonitis makes it harder to write the next book, which is probably what you should be doing.

  3. “why in the ever lovin’ blue-eyed world is it better if he signs it?”

    Makes it easier to sell on eBay, of course.

  4. Hey! That’s a good idea…why don’t you sign them all “To eBay customer, John Scalzi”.It’s the personal touch that counts, after all….

  5. Orbit made me do that for the British edition of THE RISEN EMPIRE. And it’s really boring, but I found out that they don’t actually, you know, check them all. So you can sign ones in the middle different, you know? Like, “Mitzy Gainer,” or “Satan.” And then some dude buys the book, and it BLOWS HIS MIND!

    (Insert Beavis chortle here. Or was that Butthead?)

  6. btb: The link up top to “Misspent Youth” is currently (1:23 PDT, 6/28/05) linking to “Tat me Baby” rather than the guest article. No idea why.

  7. Well, I ordered my copy today, so that’s one book closer to them being sold out. But make sure you don’t cripple your hand TOO bad. You have another book to finish!

  8. “why in the ever lovin’ blue-eyed world is it better if he signs it?”

    Well, geez…everyone knows that “successful writer cooties” are only transmissable through direct contact. That’s why they get bumped into so much at the cons.

  9. Mr Scalzi, count the sheets, would you? Neil Gaiman’s mentioned that he signed and signed and signed, and then found out that there were many more sheets in the box(es) than the publisher needed. Though I’m sure Bill Schafer wouldn’t do that.

  10. Recruit Athena to help out. I mean, who’s going to know? So she puts little hearts over the ‘i’. So what? Have any of us actually seen your signature?

  11. Athena actually asked if she could help. Which was nice of her. Nevertheless, it’s all me.

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