Scardown Hits the Shelves

Elizabeth Bear’s Scardown is in the stores today: It’s the followup to her debut novel Hammered, which I liked quite a bit and which has been very popular, as signified by the fact that when we were at Wiscon signing books right next to each other, she signed a lot more copies of Hammered than I did of Old Man’s War. She’s also nominated for the Campbell Award this year for best new writer, so this will probably be your last chance to jump on the Elizabeth Bear bandwagon before it becomes overburdened by all the Johnny-Come-Latelies. And you know how they are.

3 Comments on “Scardown Hits the Shelves”

  1. *slips John his tenth of a percent*

    I have a bandwagon? Is that in the New Orleans Funeral sense?

  2. Bah! I’ve suckered Liz into having dinner at Convergence this weekend! Your attempt to assert bandwagon supremacy based merely on the fact that you knew about her before I did, posted about her before I did, and met her before I did is doomed to fail!

  3. What I want to know is, how did you get Paris Hilton to model for your cover? Loving her new leg-holster iPod.