And Thursdays are safe with (wait…who’s this guy – the one with the kid and such?)

So as the previously-unacquainted blogger mentioned by John as the one with an interesting personal site, I pull up last place on the introductions as your Thursdays in July “Must See Newbie.” I’m very impressed with the accomplished shtick presented by my fellow guest hosts and the overall quality of what gets chewed on as phat herein. But then again, I’m a new Dad, so I’m impressed by a weighty diaper and occasional indiscernible phrases…so don’t put too much faith in my grander view. I’ll throw my considerably sporty frame that’s only mostly gone to seed into the heavy lifting, nonetheless. Expect plenty of offerings on politics, sports, lit diversions, writing schools, sausage making, Jarts (unfortunately not really a sport…yet), kitten juggling, Cullyforneeya (I live in San Francisco), Sheena Easton (pre-Prince side-project), theories of relativity or like something sorta similarish, TiVo, the homeless, the home-more (I’m a stay at home Dad), and the career of Keith David (not David Keith). Of course not in that order.

So sit back, then stand up, then sit back again. And I hope you’ll enjoy my contributions to the community while you catch your breath. Rock on.

6 Comments on “And Thursdays are safe with (wait…who’s this guy – the one with the kid and such?)”

  1. I can’t imagine they do… what a scary toy that was… Let’s let the kids huck steel tipped darts at each other! Last I saw of them, they’d changed to slightly weighted blunt tipped psuedo-Jarts.

    I had the originals as a child… enjoyed them… nearly killed a cousin with one (landed about a foot away from her, after a high, high arc)

    I stopped playing after that.

  2. Okay, let me make one request here as a Loyal Whatever Reader.

    Each guestblogger should precede each of his posts with his or her name in boldface, followed by a colon. Or some other way of letting me know from the beginning who the heck is speaking.

    Than Kew.

  3. I was thinking of making one of those cute little two-tone blogger buttons to precede each of my posts.

  4. I vote for personalized themesong blurts, a la the trumpeting fanfare that follow the Queen up the carpet-strewn halls of English heritage, POTUS’ Hail To The Chief and Shaft’s wakawaka beat.

  5. (just adding comment to keep this comment thread open — for whatever reason threads less than a week old turn into moderated threads at the turn of the month)

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