Outta Here

All right, I’m heading off. Actually, I’m not going anywhere (actually, I’m on my way to Virginia for the weekend, but I mean, in the larger sense I’m not going anywhere), I’ll just be working on a novel. As I’ve mentioned, I might pop up in the comments from time to time, and I’ll be keeping the trackbacks and comments free of spam, but I won’t be making entries for a month — and why should I? The awesome and capable guest bloggers will be keeping you amused and entertained. However, if you find you absolutely cannot live without me, I’ll still be putting entries up at By The Way through July, on account that’s what I’m paid to do. Otherwise, have an excellent July and wish me luck. I’ll be immersed in the universe of The Ghost Brigades, and hopefully the end result is that I’ll have a book in which you’ll want to get immersed as well. Take care. See you in a month.

The July Look

In honor of the Guest Bloggers, I’ve given the site a somewhat less John Scalzi-centric look for the month of July. The cloud design in the background seems almost like a Hopi design to me, although that has less to do with me and more to do with the clouds I based it on. Anyway, I think it makes the site look a little more airy, and I hope you like it.

Update: Did a little more tweaking. Looks less Hopi now, I’d say.