Outta Here

All right, I’m heading off. Actually, I’m not going anywhere (actually, I’m on my way to Virginia for the weekend, but I mean, in the larger sense I’m not going anywhere), I’ll just be working on a novel. As I’ve mentioned, I might pop up in the comments from time to time, and I’ll be keeping the trackbacks and comments free of spam, but I won’t be making entries for a month — and why should I? The awesome and capable guest bloggers will be keeping you amused and entertained. However, if you find you absolutely cannot live without me, I’ll still be putting entries up at By The Way through July, on account that’s what I’m paid to do. Otherwise, have an excellent July and wish me luck. I’ll be immersed in the universe of The Ghost Brigades, and hopefully the end result is that I’ll have a book in which you’ll want to get immersed as well. Take care. See you in a month.

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  1. Good luck and God-speed!

    P.S. – I like the new background – kind of Van Gogh-ish…

  2. Why didn’t someone tell me Firefox does that cache thing? I got the OMW background instead of this new pastel blue one. (Very nice, btw, once I reloaded.)

  3. have a nice trip, scalzi! jim, how do i reload on safari on mac? i’ve hit the ‘reload’ button but i’m still getting the old background.

  4. You’ll have to clear your Internet cache. IE and Firefox are essentially the same regardless of platform (That, or I’ve just managed to stuff my foot in my mouth.) If hitting reload doesn’t work, clear the cache. In IE, it’s Tools>Internet Options and on the general tab. In Firefox, it’s just Tools>Options with cache on the Privacy tab.

    (And if both Darth Gates and Mozilla goobered this up for OS X, I’m taking hostages.)

  5. thanks, jim, for giving me permission to go investigating my stupid new browser. for anyone who’s working with safari, which has no “tools” menu, the way to clear your cache is Safari>Empty Cache. obvious, no?

    one of these years i will be officially computer savvy.

    plus, the clouds are pritty.

    wow, i’m spending way too much time on this blog.

  6. “for anyone who’s working with safari, which has no “tools” menu, the way to clear your cache is Safari>Empty Cache. obvious, no?”

    Don’t feel bad. For some reason I assumed you meant Firefox.

    Opera tips, anyone? I’ve never even seen it, but I can spell it.

  7. John,

    I like this slight mod to the original clouds redesign better. Now the clouds in the sidebars are more abstract, and don’t compete with the clouds on top.

  8. Note that to view the newest copy of any page, you can often force the browser to reload the page by holding down the Apple key (Mac) or Control Key (PC) while you click the “Reload” or “Refresh” button on your browser. You usually don’t have to clear your entire cache in order to reload a single page.

  9. Man, I am sitting here on pins & needles waiting for Ghost Brigades…. hope it’s a lil longer than OMW… I know I just won’t want it to end. Good luck John!!

    Peace, Heather

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