The July Look

In honor of the Guest Bloggers, I’ve given the site a somewhat less John Scalzi-centric look for the month of July. The cloud design in the background seems almost like a Hopi design to me, although that has less to do with me and more to do with the clouds I based it on. Anyway, I think it makes the site look a little more airy, and I hope you like it.

Update: Did a little more tweaking. Looks less Hopi now, I’d say.

13 Comments on “The July Look”

  1. I do like it, enough to ask that you consider keeping it when you come back in August.

  2. Without the OMW reminders… I find the whole plotline is fading from my memory. Eeek

  3. This probably says something about me, but the OMW theme was driving me nuts. The face in the upper right always wanted, tried, and failed to be John Scalzi. It was mildly unsettling, so I would quickly scroll my browser until the face was out of sight.

    This theme is much better: cheery without being cloying, calming without being soporific (do I dare post this without checking the spelling on that word? I do. I’m full of piss and vinegar.) and I hereby join the chorus. Please consider keeping it when you return.

  4. Paul —

    I see it now, and I should know better…

    I’m not sure I like the different clouds at the top, but it’s definitely an improvement.

  5. What?!? Y’all didn’t like my overweeningly ego-centric previous design?!?


    Eh. I didn’t think it was that bad.

    Re: keeping the design — yeah, I will probably keep it after July for some time, since changing the design is a bit of a hassle, and I think it does look nice.

  6. FWIW, I liked the old design better. Or even the older design from before the OMW revamp.

    This is too bright and makes me long to go outside rather than reading the fun words.

  7. I promise to be highly sardonic and grumpy to bring balance to the bright fluffy clouds. Saturdays will be a black hole of despair, surrounded by pictures of bunnies.

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