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Booklist Review of Agent to the Stars

The first Agent to the Stars review is in, from Booklist, the American Library Association’s magazine, and it’s a positive one. Here’s the fun part (for me, at least): With a plot that starts out as the rough life of a young agent in Hollywood and rapidly metamorphoses into B-movie territory as a remarkably intelligent […]

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Music and Book Memes

The good news is that after a fair absence, Rick McGinnis appears to be reactivating The Diary Thing, which was a favorite stop of mine back in the day. So: Yay! The bad news is that his first post since reactiviating is that damn book meme that’s going on at the moment, and he’s “passed […]

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Music for Girls

Whatever reader Dennis is asking for music recommendations for his girl children. He writes: Hey John, I have two daughters and I’m ever on the lookout for good music that they will enjoy. In particular, I like to find bands where girls (women, whatever) actually play instruments. Since my girls are still young, I also […]

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Not a Question, More of a Comment: Killing the “Naqmoac”

In his wrap-up of Wiscon, writer Barth Anderson said some nice things about my panel moderating skills: I also want to take a moment to commend John “The Black Hand” Scalzi. Good panel-moderating requires a whip, and Scalzi wields hot leather from the word go. As a result, the “First-time Novelists” panel was packed with […]

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Quick Note About Comments and New Months

I’ve noticed that the moderating widget I use for comments will block posts at the beginning of the month until I approve them manually (thus resetting the comments for each entry). So if you post and don’t immediately see your comment, don’t panic. I’ll approve it sometime reasonably quickly.

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