(Posted by Jeff Porten)

Sorry to break in on a Monday, but I decided that my promised commentary on airport security was far too trivial to inflict on the Republic of Whatever, so I’ve moved it over to my own blog.

And a burning question — John collected the guest bloggers’ pictures, Claire has commented that she’s seen them, and I am apparently as dense as a fudge-covered brick. Can someone tell me where to find these?

2 Comments on “Trivialities…”

  1. I have some pictures but not all of them. Fortunately people seem to be able to tell the guest bloggers apart, in terms of writing style, at least so far as I can see.

  2. jeff, i totally lied about seeing pictures. i was jokingly pretending that i was monitoring pictures for ethnicity, something that folks on affirmative action committees presumably do (although i have no idea if they actually do it.) it was an in-joke so in that even i didn’t get it.

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