See A Guest Blogger Live

(Posted by Jim Winter)

Hello, all. Sorry to barge in so early in the week. However, if you’re wondering what any of us crackpots* covering for John look like, I have an opportunity for you. I, your humble Sunday narrator, will be at Mystery Loves Company in Baltimore this Saturday, signing books and generally trying not to look like a hack at Laura Lippman’s favorite store. (It’s the real life model for Tess Monaghan’s aunt’s store.) So if you live in Baltimore, Philly, or DC, stop by. Kill an afternoon with me. Come heckle.

We now return you to our regular guest blogging, already in progress.

*I know. Crackpot’s a horrible thing to say. But I have only me to judge by, so the bar’s probably lower than it should be.

3 Comments on “See A Guest Blogger Live”

  1. If I were arriving at BWI rather than Dulles on Saturday, this would be a great opportunity for the Guest Blogger Banjo Duel in person. But alack, I will be arriving in the wrong state and seriously sleep-deprived. And I think the normal DC-Balto. links don’t run on weekends.

    That having been said, there’s always Amtrak, so should I arrive so thoroughly exhausted as to lose all bounds of reason and sensibility, then perhaps I’ll stop by. I’d pretty much have to go straight to the bookstore before going home, and Baltimore is not known for being en route from Virginia to DC.

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