harry potter

(Posted by Claire Light)

just got my harry potter amazondelivered. who else is going to hogwarts today?

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  1. Claire —

    Sorry for posting so quickly after you — I like to give every post a decent period of headline time, but I neglected to reload the page before I posted….

  2. The wife and I preordered through Amazon, and were quite crotchety with each other until I went to get the mail and there discovered that Amazon had UPS’ed it to the USPS. Now I’m four chapters in, she’s reading chatper 5, and as soon as she’s done, I get to read 5 & 6.


  3. Mine was preordered. So now I am waiting anxiously for the delivery which could happen any minute. Hurry up Canada Post!!!

  4. Got mine last night at 12:05 (was 8th in line). Unfortunately, I have two teenage daughters who felt entitled to call first and second dibbs (even though it was my money, and they socialized at the Potter Party while I stood in line (The things parents do for their kids!)). Anyhow, now I’ll have to read it a few pages at a time whenever it’s left unattended. :)

  5. Yup…grabbed it today at a local bookstore in town. I’m 400 pages into Book 5 (I decided to re-read Book 5 so I remember what lead up to Book 6). When I finish 5, I’ll dive into 6. Only ~650 pages this time. She’s slacking off, huh?

  6. I delivered four copies to three residences on my mail delivery route, then stopped at CostCo on the way home to get a copy for my wife. (I’ve seen the movies, but haven’t read any of the books myself.)

  7. Finished it late last night. A good in-between book that leaves you wanting the next final book now.

    With HBP and Simmons “Olympos” done, my long awaited summer blockbuster reading is now done and melancholy has set in.

    If only Scalzi’s long promised books would ever get here in the mail.

  8. I’m about 300 pages into it and definitely enjoying it. I’ve been surprised by how much humor there is in this one. I don’t recall laughing so often while reading the other books. Chapter three, in particular, had me in stitches. (OK, so I’m easily amused, but it was still funny, dang it.)

  9. Got it today! Would you belived, the short time I was out yesterday is when it was delivered??*@@#!!! So I had to go to the post office today to pick it up. I told the guy at the counter that his was my pre-ordered Harry Potter book, and he said yah-yah. I guess he had been busy today…

    The book is excellent so far…

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