D’oh! Accidently Deleted Comments

John Scalzi here. While rooting out the spam, I accidentally deleted a small number of actual comments, so if you commented here between about 11am and 3pm today (Eastern time), you might want to come and repost. This is particularly the case with those of you who are taking part in Bill’s book contest. If it makes it any better, I deleted a couple of my own comments as well.

Sorry sorry sorry.

Monday Morning Shill

(Posted by Bill Schafer)

The trees have been killed, the paper milled, the proofs approved (some doubly so). Later this week, the Signed Limited Edition of John’s protean novel, Agent to the Stars, begins shipping from Subterranean Press.

Let me tell you. The demands we had to put up with to get this done. Chocolate in the mornings. A masseuse for Scalzi’s dog. The typos hunted and bagged, the largest of them professionally stuffed and mounted in Scalzi’s living room. It’s been an ordeal.

But here we are, and later this week, here the books will be, all minty and fresh and just waiting to be bubblewrapped, bagged, and shipped.

I should tell you a few things:

A2S, as it’s called, is limited to 1500 individually numbered hardcover copies, all hand signed by the author.
— The incomparable Mike Krahiluk (of Penny Arcade) provided the dust jacket art.
— Speaking of PA, 10% of the cover price ($30) of each copy sold direct will be donated to their charity, Child’s Play.
— If you order now, U.S. shipping is on us. Order later in the week and we’ll ding you $5 for it.

As a thank you to Whatever patrons and our customers, we’ll be sending direct purchasers a small bonus, a chapbook containing two Scalzi short stories. (Unless I’m mistaken, they remain the only two short stories John has published.)

Well, I’ve had my say, and now everyone should have theirs. Please post the best reason you can muster for buying John’s novel. At the end of the week, I will pick the “best” reason and bestow upon that person a free copy.