D’oh! Accidently Deleted Comments

John Scalzi here. While rooting out the spam, I accidentally deleted a small number of actual comments, so if you commented here between about 11am and 3pm today (Eastern time), you might want to come and repost. This is particularly the case with those of you who are taking part in Bill’s book contest. If it makes it any better, I deleted a couple of my own comments as well.

Sorry sorry sorry.

3 Comments on “D’oh! Accidently Deleted Comments”

  1. I buy from Amazon a lot, but for genre books in sf/fantasy/horror might I recommend http://www.clarkesworldbooks.com which is run by Neil Clarke (I think it is just him and his wife). He sells all these books on line and usually has a discount for all the books, fairly close to Amazon prices. So if you cannot find John’s books in Barnes and Noble (I never have seen it there and there are 2 B&N near me) and you don’t want to buy from Amazon, then try Neil’s on-line store. Dave G.

  2. John, If you manage to see this… I still haven’t got any books in the mail even though a month ago you said they would be going out the next day. If you still have them… no worries. If you sent them… I’m probably screwed.

    Chad Brink

  3. No worries, Chad. They’re still here. Just had some things to deal with. My distraction level is apparently unstoppable.

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