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Having nothing political or cultural to exercise me today, what’s a girl to do but show her goodies?

Therefore, I’m going to proceed to the shameless promotion portion of my month. Please read, because this will include some virtual goodies you won’t wanna miss! (Limited Time Offer!)

SF/F readers and writers! Check it out! My Clarion West classmate Wendy Bradley, being gifted with a genuine English accent, has decided to create and publish her very own SF/F/Horror lit journal, called FarThing, and is even paying writers right out of the starting gate! Submissions are closed for FarThing’s first issue, which is dangerously close to being a paper reality (she will have the completed books in Glasgow for Worldcon) so be sure to subscribe now. Additional benefits of subscription include keeping another paying prozine alive long enough for you to read or write for it. Plus, the cover is classy.

In the near future, Las Vegas will be covered over with sand and all that will be left to tell you fragments of its history will be a magical slot machine. Sound fun? Get the CD-ROM, The Real, from new media artist and musician and writer José Márquez, who writes so much (and so smart) in his blog that I have absolutely no idea how he gets anything else in life done. Also, check out Pepito , a multi-media musical performance group shared by him and his wife, Ana Machado, which is some of the best live stuff I’ve seen in … well, a long time.

Once July is behind me, I’ll be blogging on Other Magazine’s staff blog. Other, “pop culture and politics for the new outcasts” is designed for people who don’t fit in the usual racial, gender, sexual, vocational or conceptual checkboxes. Yes, WRITERS, they’re looking for both articles and fiction, rants and sly comments, and reviews, reviews, reviews! Please read the blog, subscribe to the magazine, and submit your story ideas.

One of the funniest short animations I’ve seen in a long time is “Maritess vs. The Superfriends”, the story of the Super Friends’ Filipino maid. This is a flash animation by Dino Ignacio based on a comedy routine by Rex Navarrete. Since he did “Maritess”, Dino has learned new tricks, among them, computer 3D animation, so check out his other stuff, too.

On the new and exciting blog tip, one of the cool people I met at Wiscon (where I also met Scalzi), Lauren McLaughlin, an SF writer, film producer (no, really, she made money from it) and musician, has finally capitulated to reality and started a blog. Naturally, I’ve already started argumentating with her on her blog. Stop the world! I want to get off! (Plus, there are mp3s of her spooky music on the website.)

As always you should keep checking out Hyphen magazine’s blog for Asian American news and temerity. Plus, every now and again you’ll get links to racist dj comments and clips of the San Francisco 49ers partying with strippers.

Other people who must not ever get any sleep: twice-book-published-poet, teacher and nonprofit administrator Barbara Jane Pulmano Reyes, blogging here. If you’re poetry readers, check out her first book Gravities of Center and expect her second soon from Tinfish Press. Barb is going to guest edit the lit section for issue 8 of Hyphen, so tell your Asian American writer friends to send her their stuff!

Plus, someone sent me this book quiz which is hilarious and true. I am Barbara Tuchman’s Guns of August, which joke everyone will understand once I publish my novel. Yes, I’m writing a novel. Show of hands: who isn’t, writing a novel? Thought so.

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