Scalzi Mojo Winners

(Posted by Bill Schafer)

Winners, get your Scalzi mojo here. It wasn’t easy, not at all, and as I have a decision making disorder, my lovely wife Gretchen made the near-final call on these. By her estimation, and mine, these were the “best” reasons to buy a copy of John’s new limited edition, Agent to the Stars.

Oliver Dale:
Because John is too delicate for jail.

If I don’t buy a copy, John will be forced onto the streets, and, just to survive, will be sucked into an underground ring of thievery. But he’s a writer, not a thief, and so he’ll be caught and arrested while stealing from Dunkin’ Donuts. John’s milky white skin will attract the ardor of the jail’s cohabitants and I think we all know that ain’t a good thing.

Dwight Brown:
Because if you don’t buy a copy of *Agent to the Stars*, the terrorists have already won.

Steve Eley:
So that an angel will get its wings.

Rich G:
Because verily, in this land of ice and snow I live in where winter lasts three quarters of the year and the sun is a legendary object, seen only in the distant memories and dreams of those who reminisce about Pangea, I have need of entertainment that will double as a source of heat in the lean times ahead.

Though if Bush has his way, we Minnesotans will soon be wearing grass skirts and holding pig roasts. On the bright side — I’ll have beachfront property!


Yes, I know we chose more than one entry, but it was close, and we had several favorites. Winners, if you’d be so kind as to email me your address at subpress (at), I’ll see that you’re given some of that Scalzi goodness.

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