Saturn Speaks

John Scalzi again. No, I’m not back yet. I still have a week left on my hiatus. However, I wanted to drop a musical composition I did on y’all. The Cassini mission has recorded radio frequencies from Saturn and NASA has fiddled with them to put them into human hearing range, and I thought they sounded interesting enough to work with in a musical sense. So, for your musical delectation: “Saturn Speaks.” It comes in three flavors: Real Media (3.4 MB), small variable bit rate mp3 (4.3 MB) and large variable bit rate mp3 (9.9 MB). The track itself is 7 minutes long. Let me know what you think.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

9 replies on “Saturn Speaks”

Considerning that you are a writer, and the title is “Saturn Speaks,” well . . .

I was a little disappointed in the lyrics. They were a little garbled. Who exactly is the anti-Christ and who am I supposed to kill?

Oh, wait, it is clearer the more you listen to it. Awesome!

Ooh, cool. I like it.

I used the sound of the Big Bang in my song “The Mountain Sisters.” You can get the whole album here at this link. Also, my other album is “The Navigatrix Soundtracks” which is here. Both, I believe, are excellent.

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