Thank You to The Guest Bloggers!

Before I do anything else, let me take a moment to thank Laurel Halbany, Ron Hogan, Claire Light, Eric Magnuson, Jeff Porten, William Schafer and Jim Winter for their really wonderful work as guest bloggers in July. As a reader, it was whole lot of fun reading their work; as a site proprietor, I am delighted that my instincts were correct that they would keep the site fresh and interesting while I was off doing other things.

I am going to leave the links to their personal sites up on the main page of the Whatever for an indefinite amount of time (at least a few months); I hope that you’ll follow their further writings in their own places.

This was such a successful experiment that I suspect I will repeat it again at some point. I’m also giving some thought to possibly founding a group blog as an adjunct to this site, and would probably use this site for that if I did. Naturally, I welcome your thoughts on the matter.

9 Comments on “Thank You to The Guest Bloggers!”

  1. Thanks for letting us play, John. And if you hadn’t brought Claire in, I’d have never known vacuuming was a legitimate form of cat grooming.

    My cat’s not happy about that, but it’s always good to know your options.

  2. Well, I’m sure I’ll continue to read their blogs. Though it is good to have you back, John. (Now to eagerly await The Ghost Brigades!)

    I think the group blog site would be interesting, to say the least. It would allow for a variety of different opinions and different topics, assumedly from literate individuals. I say go for it!

  3. i can see you’ve been reading Howard Rheingold. no matter; a group blog sounds like a great idea, john.

  4. D’oh! An unintended consequence of deleting their posting accounts. I’ll fix that.

  5. thanks for the opp to smear your reputation! i hope we didn’t succeed. welcome home, i’m glad you’re back.

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