Glasgow Clouds


People over here in Scotland seemed entirely unconcerend that they’re driving on the wrong side of the figgin’ road. I find that ominous. However, as you can see out my hotel window, there are some lovely clouds.

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  1. We may drive on the left, but at least over here a red light means stop – none of this turning right through reds rubbish.

    Also, if you think driving on the left is bad, wait till you see some of the composite roundabouts we’ve got.

  2. “Also, if you think driving on the left is bad, wait till you see some of the composite roundabouts we’ve got.”

    Saw some leading out of the airport. Insane.

  3. The thing I remember about Scotland was that a traffic light change triggered a massive game of chicken between pedestrians and drivers, with dour, glowering lawyers launching themselves off the sidewalk nanoseconds before the light turned green and dour, glowering cabbies putting their collective feet in it to propel themselves through the crosswalk several microseconds after the light had turned red.

    I didn’t see anyone killed, but I’m certain that it wasn’t for lack of trying.

  4. If you want some real good fun, try a German Autobahn. One of the best is Hannover/Berlin: Three lanes, no speed limits most of the time – or roadworks to create a nice traffic jam. And lots of German trucks overtaking Polish trucks at the speed of a sleepy turtle, some very afraid drivers that don’t want to overtake a truck but yet want to … wannabe Michael Schumachers who try to chase everyone off the leftmost lane even if they do go at 160 km/h or more.

    Add to this a mother in the backseat who all the time cries, “Gabriele, not so fast,” and you’ll consider driving on the left a game. :)

  5. I’d be careful wi’ yerself there, laddie – Glasgow is a tough-ass town. My dad was born in Lanark, apparently some kind of hardass Mick-filled working class suburb of the city at the time, and tales of pub brawls and random beatings go back decades.

  6. Isn’t that more correctly something like “Glaswegian Cumulo-nimbus”?

    And the best explaination I ever got for why they drive on the “incorrect” side of the road is that the French and German drive on the right . . . and we want to make sure they have a difficult time motoring around . . .

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