Google Talk Address

I’ve downloaded Google Talk and have decided to make it my public IM address, at which anyone can drop me an instant message (as opposed to my private IM address, which is on another service entirely, and which is reserved for family, personal friends, and for business associates). If you have Google Talk or one of the IM services through which it can be reached feel free to add me. The account I’ll be under is:

Scalzenfreude –at– (replace the “–at–” with “@”, of course)

“Scalzenfreude,” of course, being the German term meaning “The joy of talking to Scalzi.”

Be aware that as part of my whole “submerged” thing I have going until the end of August, if/when you add me to your list of contacts through the next several days, the conversation we’ll have about it is most likely to be along the lines of me saying “You’ve added me to your list? Awesome! Thanks! And now I have to go. See you in September!” Please don’t be offended. I’m not brushing you off personally, I’m brushing you off as part of a larger aggregate of people. Come September I’ll be positively sociable, promise.

(Also, I’m not at all likely to have a voice chat with people I don’t already know, especially right now, so trying to contact me that way is not likely to get any response at all. Sorry.)

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to experience me in an IM setting, there you have it.

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