Checking My Calendar…

And it appears today is not “National ‘Let’s Have the Bugshit Annoying Send E-Mail to John Scalzi’ Day.” And yet so many of them chose today to do just that. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Did I not get a memo? Somebody tell me.


Just deleted about 10 comments by accident (including three of my own). If you see that a comment you posted has disappeared, it’s not that you’re being censored, it’s that I’m an idjit. Please feel free to repost.


My pal Scott Westerfeld’s latest book Peeps hits the stores today, and it does for vampires what 28 Days Later… did for zombies, which is to put concept into a plausible and fascinating science-based context, gleefully messes with your preconceptions and then kicks the plot into hyperdrive and takes you along with it, as you go screaming all the way. It is excellent. And it’s a Young Adult book, which means it’s perfect for that sullen teen you know who complains there’s nothing good to read. Hand it to him or her and say “read it, or I’ll beat you with it.” Because sometimes, sullen teens need to hear that.

I’m not the only Scalzi who enjoys Peeps, incidentally. In fact, if you go to Scott’s site, you’ll see Athena posing with the book in a contextually appropriate way. Yes, yes, you want to see this. Yes.

(If you like the picture of Athena you see there, feel free to borrow it for your own site, as long as you don’t alter it other than for resizing. I’m sure Scott wouldn’t mind having the cover of his book plastered about teh Intarweeb. And neither would I!)