Daily Archives: August 25, 2005

Checking My Calendar…

And it appears today is not “National ‘Let’s Have the Bugshit Annoying Send E-Mail to John Scalzi’ Day.” And yet so many of them chose today to do just that. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Did I not get a memo? Somebody tell me.

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Just deleted about 10 comments by accident (including three of my own). If you see that a comment you posted has disappeared, it’s not that you’re being censored, it’s that I’m an idjit. Please feel free to repost.

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My pal Scott Westerfeld’s latest book Peeps hits the stores today, and it does for vampires what 28 Days Later… did for zombies, which is to put concept into a plausible and fascinating science-based context, gleefully messes with your preconceptions and then kicks the plot into hyperdrive and takes you along with it, as you […]

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