Checking My Calendar…

And it appears today is not “National ‘Let’s Have the Bugshit Annoying Send E-Mail to John Scalzi’ Day.” And yet so many of them chose today to do just that. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? Did I not get a memo? Somebody tell me.

7 Comments on “Checking My Calendar…”

  1. Strange indeed. Who on earth would spend their time trying to annoy the excrement of insects? How well could it work? And why would they all contact you about it?

  2. Jeff Porten:

    “So, are you going to share some bugshit annoyances with us?”

    No, because it was in e-mail, and my policy is not to air e-mail in the absence of prior agreement with the sender. Even if they are, in fact, bugshit annoying. One must have standards.

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