My pal Scott Westerfeld’s latest book Peeps hits the stores today, and it does for vampires what 28 Days Later… did for zombies, which is to put concept into a plausible and fascinating science-based context, gleefully messes with your preconceptions and then kicks the plot into hyperdrive and takes you along with it, as you go screaming all the way. It is excellent. And it’s a Young Adult book, which means it’s perfect for that sullen teen you know who complains there’s nothing good to read. Hand it to him or her and say “read it, or I’ll beat you with it.” Because sometimes, sullen teens need to hear that.

I’m not the only Scalzi who enjoys Peeps, incidentally. In fact, if you go to Scott’s site, you’ll see Athena posing with the book in a contextually appropriate way. Yes, yes, you want to see this. Yes.

(If you like the picture of Athena you see there, feel free to borrow it for your own site, as long as you don’t alter it other than for resizing. I’m sure Scott wouldn’t mind having the cover of his book plastered about teh Intarweeb. And neither would I!)

12 Comments on “Peeps!”

  1. That’s a pretty scary photo. Athena appears to be a very willing model. She seems to rather enjoy all the goofy pictures you post of her.

  2. You don’t have to buy it for yourself, Dave. But I seem to recall there’s a teen-like person living under your roof…

  3. I’m not so sure I would describe 28 Days Later as plausible. There are not many real-life diseases that completely take over a host within seconds of infection.

  4. Yes, but the one in 28 Days Later was designed as a weapon! Nasty military scientists.

  5. Hmmm… “and it does for vampires what 28 Days Later… did for zombies”

    So it will get me all excited and interested until I actually read it, then I’ll find myself strangely disappointed because it didn’t remotely live up to its buildup?


    My name is Q, and I’m a Pessimist.

  6. Now, now, Q. Don’t blame Peeps because you drank the 28 Days Later Kool-Aid.

    Having said that, I thought 28 Days Later was excellent; I even put it in my Science Fiction film Canon as an example of how smart SF can get made.

  7. I was probably expecting too much from it admittedly…

    It wasn’t a bad movie really… it just didn’t really scare me in the least. Didn’t live up to the hype at all… but I can admit to it being “smart” and a decent story… just the execution left much to be desired in my mind.

  8. Peeps!

    I can thank John Scalzi’s Whatever (18 hits) post about a book by his friend (0 hits).
    I read Peeps (0 hits) over the weekend and must say it is a thoroughly enjoyable book. It was written in a very conversational style that lent itself to a b…

  9. C’mon Q when i watched 28 days later i wasnt expecting half as much info and detail as it gave me. what more could you have wanted out of it?

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