On the 3.2

I had a squidgy sort of upgrade experience to Movable Type 3.2. Drop me a comment so I know they’re working, would you? Thanks.


Attempting to upgrade to Movable Type 3.2. Things may get a little weird.


For everyone truly disturbed and appalled by the picture of Athena earlier today, I offer this picture to soothe your jangled nerves:


James Franks, I hereby request you post this picture on your office door as well, so all your shuddering co-workers can see that she’s actually a sweet, normal little girl. Also, I want to see if any of them stop and say “Uh, why does that bear have two heads?” Which I guess doesn’t really help my cause, here. Anyway.

Where It Comes From

In case you missed it — because it’s really just too good to miss — the picture of Athena promoting Scott Westerfeld’s new vampire book Peeps:

Now, you ask, from what side of the family does that look come from? Let’s ask her mother, shall we?

Hmmm. On second thought, you know, let’s not. Unless you’ve got some garlic handy.