Additional 3.2 Notes

Having now lived with Movable Type 3.2 for 12 hours, I will note two things about it:

1. It looks prettier than earlier versions (it features color on its little icons, which makes a surprising amount of difference, esthetically speaking).

2. Since I’ve installed it, I’ve had no blogspam of any sort, either in comments or in trackbacks, I suspect due to the spam-fighting plugins that come standard in 3.2. That’s down from an average of 500 comment spams and 50 trackback spams a day. While this makes me giggle like a happy child, it also makes me worry that some legitimate comments are being vaporized without me knowing.

So if you’re curious if your comments will make it through, and you haven’t previously commented since I switched over to 3.2 (which would have been on Friday afternoon, around six), leave a comment on this entry. If your comment doesn’t make it through, let me know.

Also, the previous moderating plugin (which blocked comments on entries older than a week) is now out, so now you can leave a message on any open entry with impunity. I’ve changed the comment announcements to reflect this, and to note some additional things.

And, yes, I’ve changed the background colors again. I think I’ll keep these ones for a while.

By and large I’m very pleased with 3.2 so far, although I know at least one person who lost most of her comments in the switchover. This didn’t happen to me this time, but it happened to me with an earlier upgrade; this time I downloaded my database to ensure that there would be some record once I inevitably screwed things up. Naturally, if you have Movable Type and are considering an upgrade, I suggest you back up also.

I’ll leave this as the top entry through the weekend, so again, if you want to confirm your commentability, this is a fine time to do it.

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