3.2 Followup

I installed Movable Type 3.2 on the 26th, and it took until 13 minutes ago for it not to automatically shunt all the comment spam I received into its “junk” queue, and the single comment spam that it didn’t shunt into the “junk” queue had a “warning” mark on it, meaning it was held for moderation rather than just being posted. As someone who was receiving (as previously mentioned) up to 500 comment spams a day, that just rocks.

Trackback Spam management has been nearly as good.

Well done, Six Apart. If you are using Movable Type, I truly suggest the upgrade. Back everything up first, of course. Then do it.

4 Comments on “3.2 Followup”

  1. Wow! That’s quite impressive. Now we just need the same sort of upgrade for WordPress. Though there, the problem isn’t so much comment spam as trackback spam.

  2. I’ve heard that if you’re using BerkeleyDB or … I forget the other one. Whatever isn’t MySQL or PHP. If you’re using not-MySQL-or-PHP, it will totally hose everything.

    And 6A is sort of standing around saying “hmm, it’s not supposed to do that.”

    Just what I’ve heard. So be careful.

  3. We’re not standing around… we haven’t heard of any confirmed cases where databases like Postgresql or SQLite users have problems upgrading. Given that PHP is a scripting language and MySQL and BerkeleyDB are databases, I’m not even sure what the secondhand rumors you’re hearing are, but we’re definitely concerned if anyone can reproduce any situation where the upgrade doesn’t run smoothly.

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