3.2 Followup

I installed Movable Type 3.2 on the 26th, and it took until 13 minutes ago for it not to automatically shunt all the comment spam I received into its “junk” queue, and the single comment spam that it didn’t shunt into the “junk” queue had a “warning” mark on it, meaning it was held for moderation rather than just being posted. As someone who was receiving (as previously mentioned) up to 500 comment spams a day, that just rocks.

Trackback Spam management has been nearly as good.

Well done, Six Apart. If you are using Movable Type, I truly suggest the upgrade. Back everything up first, of course. Then do it.

Uncategorized Interview

There’s a brief article about Agent to the Stars, up at, which includes a couple of quotes from yours truly.

As a fun excercise, and to show the curious how the publicity sausage is made, behind the cut you’ll see the full text I supplied to the writer (in answer to his questions), which he used to to help him craft the article and which he then mined for particular quotes. This rendering down of quotes and text is of course perfectly natural; when I interview people for news or feature articles, I will do much the same sort of weeding: 1,000 words might give you a hundred that you’ll quote, and the rest is to fill out the background information.

What is always interesting is to see which quotes get used, and how. I’d also note that this sort of article differs quite a bit from the straight-out interview article (like the one I did with Strange Horizons earlier this year), in which most of what you say is usually used, and a good thing, too, since if the same 10:1 ratio applied there, we would all have to have immense pity on the poor person doing the interview, crushed as they would be by the sheer mass of verbiage.

Anyway. Here’s the raw material for the article, for your compare and contrast pleasure. I’ll underline the passages of the text that were used in the article, so you can spot them quickly.

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