Monthly Archives: August 2005

The Myth of the Science Fiction Monoculture

A number of people have written to alert me to Robert K.J. Killheffer’s review of Old Man’s War (among a number of other books) in the September issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction, with the intimation that the review is something of a slam. Well, of course, I love good slam, so I checked it […]

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Other News (Quickly)

Aside from writing The Ghost Brigades, here’s what else has been going on: * Agent to the Stars is now out and selling quite nicely — between pre-orders and early sales, well over half of the 1,500 print run is already gone. So if you wanted a copy but have been putting off the actual […]

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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

As most of you know, the reason I took time off in July was to finish writing The Ghost Brigades, which is the sequel to Old Man’s War. Did I finish? Ah ha ha ha ha! No. However, I’ve finally made some excellent progress on the book, and have gotten beyond the point in the […]

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Thank You to The Guest Bloggers!

Before I do anything else, let me take a moment to thank Laurel Halbany, Ron Hogan, Claire Light, Eric Magnuson, Jeff Porten, William Schafer and Jim Winter for their really wonderful work as guest bloggers in July. As a reader, it was whole lot of fun reading their work; as a site proprietor, I am […]

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