Subterranean Magazine Submissions Reminder

A quick reminder to everyone: In one month I open to accept submissions to Subterranean Magazine’s Spring 2006 issue, with the theme “Big Honkin’ Science Fiction Cliches.” All the submission requirements and details are here, and mere words cannot express how strongly I suggest you read that entry and follow its dictates (also read through the comments, in which I answer additional questions — and if you have any new questions, leave them in that comment thread as well).

Please note that the submission period for the issue runs from October 1, 2005 to November 1, 2005. Submissions and queries submitted before 12:00am October 1, 2005 will be deleted unread. Submissions and queries submitted after 11:59:59pm November 1, 2005 will be deleted unread (all times Eastern US). If you think I’m kidding about this, fine, go ahead, get your submission deleted. See if I care.

Let me also address the theme of the issue, which is “SF cliches.” Let me be very clear that what I don’t want to see are stories that take science fiction cliches and use them in the very manner that made them cliches in the first place. What I very much do want to see are stories that take science fiction cliches and use them in highly original, incredibly memorable and utterly expectation-confounding ways. You know you can do it.

I also rather strenuously suggest you check out this entry, about how and why I reject submissions. Yes, I know it won’t apply to you. Nevertheless, you might read it in order to share it with someone else.

I’m really excited that this is coming up so soon — I’m looking forward to seeing submissions!

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