Oh Boy

Chief Justice Rehnquist has died. Now things get really interesting.

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  1. Steve Brady:

    “September is going to be craaaazy.”

    I actually considered titling this entry “Holy Shit Fuck! The World is Coming to an End!” since that’s actually how I feel about what this means. But in the end I decided on decorum.

    But, honestly: Holy shit fuck, man. The world is coming to a friggin’ end.

  2. But in the end I decided on decorum.

    Ditto, at least on my own blog. I probably just need to sleep on it.

    We news junkies are screwed. Katrina, Roberts hearings, new nomination hearing, possibly a separate CJ hearing, state funeral?, Plame?, Estate Tax, Iraq, all at once. And classes start Tuesday. Ugh.

  3. Although, in a way, this might be good timing. People are probably paying pretty close attention to the world right now, and this may actually be a chance to inform people just exactly what the court has done under Rehnquist.

    No Violence Against Women Act? Rehnquist.

    States can permanently disenfranchise felons, even after they’ve served their time? Rehnquist.

    The government could draft only men? Rehnquist.

    A state could punish only men for statutory rape? Rehnquist.

    States aren’t required to provide attorneys for discretionary appeals? Rehnquist.

    etc., and that doesn’t even get into all the race cases.

  4. We are so fucked.

    Which is pretty much what I said back when Fearless Leader got his court case decided.

    Anybody care to join in my new hobby–drinking heavily? It seems to work for the Russians…

  5. Let me start by saying that I have sympathy for the man’s family.

    Let me next say that, once again, the Bush administration gets a get-out-of-jail-free card. As soon as pressure from the press on the government’s poor response to Katrina gets to be too much, Bush will pull out a nominee to distract the major networks. Plame/Rove, anybody?


  6. Well, I guess Pat Robertson got his wish for another vacancy on the Supreme Court. Hope he’s happy with two and will stop publicly praying for vacancies.

  7. Are the days of Roe numbered?

    They can keep chipping away at it (and technically, Roe isn’t good law anymore anyway – that’s Casey v. Planned Parenthood). But there’s still Ginsburg, Souter, Stevens, Breyer, and Kennedy.

    What’d be really funny is if there are suddenly four as-far-right-as-you-can-go justices on the Court, Kennedy grows more “liberal.” That’d be a hilarious backfire, considering conservatives are just worried about another Souter.

  8. How does the death of a conservative justice on the Supreme Court change anything, much less be the end of the world? Rehnquist was a dissenter in Roe vs. Wade. His dissenting vote will probably now be replaced by somebody else’s dissenting vote. So?

    (Yes, I know there are other cases in the world than the big RvW, but that’s the one that gets everyone so het up.)

  9. Well the buffer zone is gone, Eric. 5-4. And the chipping away will increase.

    The truly conservative wing was Rehnquist, Scalia, and Thomas. Rehnquist and Scalia both nominally have respect for precedent, although they could both play fast and loose when they really wanted to.

    Thomas does not, proudly so. He knows the original meaning of every word in the Constitution, and even if a hundred years of cases say otherwise, then they should all be summarily thrown out, real-world consequences be damned.

    So replacing Rehnquist with someone like Thomas, as opposed to someone like Scalia, makes the Court move even further to the right.

    As for Roberts, he’s probably the real new Rehnquist in terms of judicial philosophy, so there’s another shift there.

  10. Replacing Renquist with another conservative won’t have much affect on Roe. Expect a much slicker nominee (like Roberts) who will have a very different opinion on Griswold v. Connecticut. And, like Roberts, be much more sympathetic to the idea of an imperial presidency, whom it is the court’s duty to support, rather than serve as a check.

    So: expect more rights for those who can pay for them, specifically big business. Don’t be surprised if things like labor regulations follow the enviromental ones into oblivion. Learn to love the third amendment, as it’s the only one that’s going to remain intact. The second will serve to distract a decent percentage of available activists with an irrelevant wedge issue until their other rights are gerrymandered into uselessness.

  11. Am I the only political optimist (even if a fairly conservative Republican) that’s hoping maybe we’ll get an actual moderate in a nomination? Maybe I’m expecting too much of the current administration. Though if Rove gets it, even I fear the result.

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  14. How can anybody be sane knowing that:

    1. When you have one rat in a box with cheese, it will live contently. But when you put 100 rats in the same box with the same amount of cheese, they will eventually kill themself. So much for overpopulation of the planet.

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    4. Knowing the American propaganda machine has starting pushing for an attack.

    5. Knowing that Israel has spies in Iran trying to locate those nuclear facilities at this time.

    6. Knowing that Donald Rumsfield made $5 million dollars on his stock in the company that makes Tamilflu (bird flu vacine).

    7. Knowing that the US government is wanting to explode a 700 ton bomb in June 2006 in the Nevada testing area spraying radioactive waste that has accumulated over the years into the atmosphere.

    8. Knowing that the half life of radioactive
    uranium-234 is 244 thousand years, uranium-235 is 704 million years, uranium -238 is 4.5 billion years.

    9. Knowing that flouridated water is now link to cancer.

    10. Knowing that back in November of 2005 somebody attempted to shoot down a 737 enroute from LosAngeles to Chicago with a shoulder held rocket. Only to have the government say it was a bottle rocket. Never knew a jet flying that low. (120205 homeland security podcast)

    11. Knowing that back in January 2006, there was over 300 Arab nationals in predominantly “white” area trying to take tests on how to drive semi’s. What a bang.. (021806 homeland security podcast)

    12. Knowing that back in January 2006 (again), there were Mexican troops firing on our border guards while on US soil using China manufactured weapons. (021106 homeland security podcast)

    13. Wondering why the national media doesn’t cover these events but you can download the podcast from the US government stating this.

    14. Knowing that Rumsfield is an arrogant bully that does not listen to our Generals, thus possibly sacrificing thousands of American soldiers lives and wounding much more.

    15. Knowing that in 2019 there is going to be an asteroid travel so close to our earth (between the earth and our satellites), only to come back 7 years later with a strong possibility of hitting our planet. (space.com)

    16. When you listen to television preachers calling for the death of other countries (Venezula) presidents – not dictators.

    17. Knowing that the government does know what the Gulf War Syndrom is, but we have thousands of depleted uranium shells all over the area.

    18. Knowing that famine, water shortages, severe weather changes are a sign of something really bad a coming. Go back to #1 & #2 and forget about global warming plus all those missing icebergs.

    19. Knowing that we can use biodiesel (corn,beans, wood chips, grass, used oil from resteraunts, etc) in our fuel instead of on oil we get from the middle east. (ask Willie Nelson)

    14. Knowing that Brazil (the same size as the USA) uses sugar cane as bio-fuel and is almost a self-suficient regarding powering their nation.

    15. Knowing that USA put a man on the moon and Brazil didn’t.

    I can go on but my finger is tired. Welcome To The Cuckoo Nest

  15. I have read both Old Soldiers & The Ghost Bregades. I am 61 and spent almost 30 years in an army uniform, I was very impressed. I hope you continue with the theme of the Colonial Union. In a few years I hope to have a collection of at lease eight books you have written about the Colonial Union. Thank you for the enjoyment I received from reading your books.

    Ronnie J. Morrow, SFC, Ret

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