TGB Update

The damn book has gone and sprouted an additional chapter. I hate it when books do that. Fortunately, this means the penultimate chapter is going to be action-packed. And then there’s the final “we wrap everything up with a bow” chapter. Yeah, it’s all getting done tonight. Or death!

I was so excited about being so close to being done that I almost couldn’t get to sleep last night. But if I had tried to write straight though, the final chapter would have been mostly non-sensical strings of consonants. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just not my thing.

6 Comments on “TGB Update”

  1. You ever get to that point as the book draws to a close where you know you have to stop and take a breather, but the computer keeps calling out to you?

    I hate that. It’s like I’d write all night long if I could get away with it, but then I’d end up throwing out 2/3 of what I’d written.

  2. Yay! Go finish the book so I can actually have something to look forward to in my life! ;-)

    Damn, Old Man’s War was the book SciFi novel I *ever* read.

  3. Take your time and make it good, John. Let it sprout as many additional chapters as it needs. Of course, as somebody already certain to buy this novel, it’s in my best interest to lobby for the craftsmanship that I feel is the main attraction.

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