Daily Archives: September 15, 2005

The Shiny New Toy

As promised, here’s the shiny toy I bought myself the other day: a Nikon D70s, along with a bunch of various ridiculous trappings (lenses, filters, tripods, etc) which I may or may not ever end up using, but I decided that if I was actually going to get a camera like this, I might as […]

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TGB Post-Mortem

The two hours of sleep I got between five and seven am have apparently ruined me for sleeping for the rest of the morning, so in lieu of that, let me me do a little bit of a writing post-mortem for The Ghost Brigades. Don’t worry, I won’t give away plot points. * As I […]

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In the Trib

The “Being Poor” entry was published today (edited for space, looks like) in the Chicago Tribune op-ed section. I’m very happy about that. Seems like it’s just a good writing day all the way around.

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The Ghost Brigades, Completed

At 3:28 am 9/15/05. 95,000 words exactly. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a sequel.

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