Shelby’s New Album

Hey! One of my favorite indie bands, Shelby, has finally released their latest album, The Luxury of Time, and it’s choc-a-block full of snarly guitar goodness. The band is previewing three of the tracks here: I’m particularly fond of “The Golden Boy” but every track at the preview is worth the listen. And if you’re in or near Philly tonight, apparently they’re playing at the North Star Bar. Solid.

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  1. Congratulations! I am new to the blogging world. Yes I have been sitting under a rock. I actually got the end of your entry, which is quite rare. Most blogs bore me. Which means you aren’t boring and you made me smile. Hard to do these days.

    Congratulations on your piece, “Being Poor” I have been forwarding it to tons…..wait! (what an exaggeration!) correction a few friends.

    Your “blog” has actually inspired me to start my own (only one entry so far).

    I really just wanted to say thank you for being here. I enjoy your writing and your welcome!


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