Daily Archives: September 17, 2005

Play Ball, Part II

A couple more pictures from the other day. Because I feel like it, that’s why. Off for a day o’ family fun. See you all later. 

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Catching Up on News

Aside from the "Being Poor" piece, I’ve largely been out of the news commentary business around here for the last couple of weeks, so let me catch up on a couple of things briefly: The Roberts Confirmation Hearings: I don’t really have anything useful to say on this matter, largely because I’m of the opinion […]

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New Amazonian Sickness

Because the people at Amazon are sadistic bastards, they’ve implemented yet another way to drive authors (and other people who have thing stocked at Amazon) absolutely insane: They’ve implemented daily tracking of the Amazon ranking, so you can see where the ranking is today and you can see where it was the day before. For […]

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AdvancedEntryEditing Plugin

Ah, this is much better. One of the small but annoying things about Movable Type is that the editing window for the main entry is tiny, so it’s difficult to see much of what you’re typing at any one time. However, I just installed a plugin called AdvancedEntryEditing that, among other things, allows you to […]

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