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Ah, this is much better. One of the small but annoying things about Movable Type is that the editing window for the main entry is tiny, so it’s difficult to see much of what you’re typing at any one time. However, I just installed a plugin called AdvancedEntryEditing that, among other things, allows you to expand the size of the editing window, so you can see a much larger amount of your actual text at one time. It also institutes a WYSIWYG interface, so that people who don’t want to hand-roll their own html code don’t have to do it anymore. I’ve been using html code in MT entries for so long I don’t even really notice I’m doing it anymore, but even so, it’s nice just to be able to see the entry closer to what it’s actually going to look like once you post it. The only minor inconvenience I can see so far is that there’s a tiny pause when one backtracks.

Anyway, if you’re using Movable Type, this is a plug-in that might be worth your while to check out.  

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  1. I’ve been trying to get to your post on Being Poor but the benighted firewall/content filter on this computer hasn’t let me through. Something about the content of objectionable words has been exceeded.
    Thought you might want to know that some of your work is getting censored.

  2. FYI, since you have a Mac you might want to give OmniWeb 5 a little swing as a web browser. It adds a little tiny dot-in-a-box thing to any textarea. If you click on it it pops up a real editor window.

    (plus it can save all your tabs and windows and stuff each time you exit or it crashes and put them all back when you restart…and from shear geek value it is nice to be running the oldest graphical web browser EVAR)

    Or, just enjoy whatever it is you are using for a web browser.

  3. Thanks for the tip, John. I’m FTPing away like mad in the background.

    We have content filtering on my workplace network, and I often run afoul of the roadblocks. It’s more of an issue for people who actually work in one of my company’s offices; I work from a home office so I all I have to do is shut down the VPN and–woo-hoo!–all the hate speech, gay pedophile tranny porn, and bomb-making instructions I want!

    Every time I come up against the access-blocked warning, I imagine a red light flashing and a klaxon going off in the IT department. Red alert! Red alert! The IT staff scrambles madly for battlestations!

    For those of you unfamiliar with content filtering, and who now think I’m a sleazy degenerate preevert who spends all day surfing filthy porn sites, I should note that content filters are very crude, and often trigger for content that any reasonable person would consider completely unobjectionable. For instance, during some coffee-break Web surfing the other day, I came across a link to a site that advised readers to cultivate “pronaia.” If “paranoia” is the irrational belief that the universe is conspiring to harm you, then “pronaia” is the irrational belief that the universe is conspiring to do good things for you. It was a harmless little bit of New Age cheerfulness–and my company’s content filter zapped it on account of it being a site for alternative religions, which is blocked.

    I hope that clarified things. In fact, I am a filthy degenerate preevert, but not because I set off the company content filter.

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