In Honor of a Special Day



Yes, that’s all I have for you today. My brain feels like it’s collapsed like the proverbial flan in the cupboard.  


17 Comments on “In Honor of a Special Day”

  1. Arrrr! Break out the rum!

    I think International Talk Like A Pirate Day is actually more fun than Valentine’s Day AND New Year’s Eve put together. You wear a black hat with a skull on it to work on those days and people just look at you funny.

  2. Best word combination of the day for Sept. 19, 2005: “proverbial flan”.

    But then, flan is just one of those words that just make any words adjacent to it funnier.

  3. My only problem with Talk Like a Pirate day is that it glorifies those scurvy sea dogs who fight with no honor. Long live the ninjas!

  4. That looks more like a claymore then a Pirate sword.
    Not the Army boom-boom kind, but the Highlander Braveheart kind.
    -Still cool regardless.
    /Arrrgh, I’ll take S-words or The Penis Mightier Trabeck!

  5. Claymore my foot! That’s just a long sword.

    But ye’re ninjas can’t compare to the roar of the cannon, the song of the seas, and the glint of gold! Arrr!

    besides, ninjas, being sneaky assassins and spies, aren’t oozing honor either. Heh.

    -the nit-picky history buff

  6. You know, John, if you keep your flan in the cupboard, it’s no wonder it goes flat. I believe it’s time for Krissy to take over the culinary storage decisions from now on.

    Besides. It attracts ants in there.

  7. Mythago sez: John, you’re supposed to bite the flat of the blade.

    I wondered about that, too, but came to the conclusion that he’s using Pirate Floss.

    I’ve decided that Talk Like a Pirate Day allows me to talk like Cap’n Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribbean I.

  8. I think he bit the width of the blade for photogenic reasons. He’d have to lower his head so you could tell its a blade…and he knows a true pirate would never lower their head for photographs!

  9. John:

    I have a request that I think many of us would be interested in. There is obviously some history behind the creation of this site and your independent launch.

    It is clear that at one point you worked for various publications, while now you work for yourself. What inspired you to start all this?

    To whatever extent you feel comfortable sharing, perhaps you could fill us in on the origins of

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