Another Uncle John Book!

Look! It’s another Uncle John book that I have contributed to that you can rush out and own: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into New Jersey. Perfect for the ten million or so of you who live in the Garden State, and those of you who have some sort of unnatural attachment to the state in question. This is actually the first of four Uncle John books I’ve contributed to that will be coming out this year, and of course I will let you know when the other ones come out as well. Because I know you care.

3 Comments on “Another Uncle John Book!”

  1. Let me be the first of your New Jersey-based readers (please don’t let me be the last) to out myself with pride. I love living in New Jersey and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. No more than a few hours, at most, from the greatest city in the world, beautiful beaches, mountain hiking, charming small towns stuffed with antiques, gambling for the so-inclined, Revolutionary history, and great theater, and a grocery store around every corner. ;)

  2. I live in New Jersey too (since I’m seven, with a four-year break for college and three years in Manhattan after I got married).

    It’s a fine state, but I’m not nearly as excited about it as Tosy & Cosh…

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