Sunset 9/22/05


The first autumn sunset. That’s worth recording.  

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  1. It’s not the new camera. The new camera shipped broken. I sent it back and am waiting for the replacement. That’s the old Kodak EasyShare.

  2. Dang! That sucks. Haven’t had any problems with the Olympus I just got — though I am frustrated that it doesn’t seem to be able to shoot anything but JPEG photos. There are tempting hints that it can shoot TIFFs in the manual, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

  3. Dave,

    I have a Canon Sureshot A220 (I think? I don’t remember the exact model number offhand), 3.1 MPixels, I think. It also only takes pictures as JPGs, which is definitely frustrating. However, I make up for it by using the highest quality setting (‘Superfine’ on mine) and reducing the image resolution. (I mean, really… how often do I need a 2024×1518 picture anyways. If I know I’m gonna want to make an 8×10 out of something, then I’ll bump the rez back up, but otherwise why bother?) As far as I understand it, the ‘image quality’ setting is a synonym for ‘JPEG compression level’, meaning that my Superfine 1600×1200 pictures come out with very little JPG artifacting on them. <shrug> The shots definitely aren’t professional quality, but on the whole it’s a tolerable compromise.

    Tho yeah, if you can get that TIFF thing going, that’d obviously be far superior. :-)

  4. Brian —

    Yeah, that’s what I do, too. You’re right, generally it’s just fine. But if you really want to *mess* with an image, it’s definitely better to have all the data there at your disposal.

  5. So if I remember correctly, the goal was to finish The Ghost Brigades before the camera came.

    Now that the camera has gone back, does that mean you have to keep writing? Maybe an epilogue?


  6. Well, I do have a short story set in the Old Man’s War universe due at the end of the month.

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