First Shot


Behold! The first shot from the Nikon D70s. It’s of my front yard, for those of you not already familiar with the sight. And with the publication of the shot comes to the end a long and sad story. As most of you know, I bought myself a new camera to celebrate finishing The Ghost Brigades (I actually bought it in anticipation of finishing TGB, but did finish the book before the camera arrived), but when I unpacked my shiny new toy to play with it, it was, alas, broken; apparently some Nikon cameras recently have had problems with their shutters, and mine was one of them. Off it went, back to the camera store, which sent me another one. This one, as you can see, works just fine. I’m deeply pleased about the camera arriving today since I wanted to be able to take it with me to Chicago this weekend. And now I will! And as coincidence would have it, the same Fed Ex fellow who brought me this camera carried off my copyedit of The Ghost Brigades to Tor, so that connection is still there.

In terms of an initial evaluation, I’m very pleased with my new camera, now that I have one that works, and the camera is indeed far more camera than I know what to do with at this point, since my photo experience to date is entirely of the "point-and-shoot" sort. Mind you, that’s one of the reasons I bought this particular camera — to learn how to use it — but at the moment it vaguely frightens me with all its buttons and options and f-stops. The prior camera, the Kodak EasyShare, will not be entirely retired, since it’s a perfectly fine camera and in some situations it’ll be easier to reach for it than the Nikon (also, the Kodak makes groovy little movies, which the Nikon will no do). But I already promised Athena she could play with the Kodak more, and I also additionally suspect Krissy wouldn’t mind prying the Kodak out of my grip every now and again. It’s the chain of photographic command! This means the cat gets the old Olympus:

Won’t you be interested to see what she comes up with?

Incidentally, with the advent of the new camera, don’t be entirely surprised if I do slightly more photoblogging around here. Hey, I’ve got a new camera. I totally have to justify the expense.

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  1. Congratulations John. My D70s is about three months old (supplementing the Canon A70 and [with some regret] replacing my old Nikon N60 SLR). If I can recommend some cool accessories, invest in a large-capacity CF card (512MB gives you 1000 photos at the normal .JPG image setting), a telephoto lens, and a good UV lens filter. I have found the manual ISO setting to be fun (esp in low light situations when you want to avoid using the flash but don’t want to set up a tripod). Taking pictures of my fast-moving 1-year-old has never been easier or more fun. Enjoy!

  2. Sweet. I’m frequently tempted to get a decent camera, but thus far have resisted, on the grounds that I have shot perhaps 10 pictures in the past six months. I *want* to shoot more pictures – I just never get around to it, or don’t have the camera handy when the picture comes up. Sigh.

    You never told us what happened to your Mac. Is it back from the dead? Still dark and sad?

  3. Doh, looks like you got some of the neat accessories already (just saw your previous entry). That’ll teach me. Enjoy.

  4. From personal experience, I would highly recommend not dropping your camera off of a cliff. They don’t work so well after that.

  5. If you have any questions you think can be answered from a remove, I’d be happy to share my experience.

    Though your D70 is a trifle different from my D2H.


  6. Ted Lemon:

    “You never told us what happened to your Mac. Is it back from the dead? Still dark and sad?”

    Still dead. It’s under warranty, so fixing it won’t cost anything, but it’ll have to wait until I get back from Chicago. I expect I’ll be without it for at least a week.

    Michael: Check on all that. I have a 1GB card and the Nikkor 70 – 300 mm telephoto lens and a set of good filters. Figured it was worth spending a little extra to get the bells and whistles.

    Carol: Thanks. The colors are going to change around here soon, and that will be cool to photograph.

  7. Since you’re going to Chicago, make sure you get to the waterfront park at some point. Some amaing metal sculptures down there, and some 20-foot-tall animated face brick walls (you’ll see). I blew a good 500MB of memory just wandering around down there last time I visited.

  8. Funny how no one noticed that strange looking orb up there in the sky.
    Have the MIB all gotten to you already?

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