Daily Archives: October 3, 2005

Adapted From Life

On one hand, this picture is substantially more color saturated than what came out of the camera. On the other hand, it’s only slightly less saturated than the sunset in real life. So on balance, I don’t feel too bad about setting Photoshop on this sunset. It’s closer to the real thing than you might […]

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Serenity Box Office Thoughts

This is going to get a fatwa upon my head from the browncoats, but Serenity‘s $10.1 million opening weekend is really not good at all. Unless the movie manages a truly heroic box office retention rate over the second weekend, which seems fairly unlikely, I’m guessing Serenity won’t recoup its $39 million production cost in […]

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Open for Business

For those of you still wondering if it’s time: Yes it is! I am now officially accepting submissions for Subterranean Magazine’s Spring ’06 issue, on the theme of science fiction cliches. Once again, here is the submission information. While I am indeed hoping to lure some big names to the fold, I am making a […]

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Chicago Trip Photoset

Rather than spend entirely too much time resizing photos and uploading them to show off my Chicago trip, I’ve gone ahead and gotten a Flickr account and let that service do all my heavy lifting for me. Therein, please to see this photo set of my Chicago trip, complete with caption commentary. The link takes […]

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