Chicago Trip Photoset

Rather than spend entirely too much time resizing photos and uploading them to show off my Chicago trip, I’ve gone ahead and gotten a Flickr account and let that service do all my heavy lifting for me. Therein, please to see this photo set of my Chicago trip, complete with caption commentary. The link takes you to the first picture in the set, and you can click through from there. I would ask you put comments here rather than there, however, since I’m unlikely to trundle through the entire set again. Enjoy!

24 Comments on “Chicago Trip Photoset”

  1. I have a black beret but no turtleneck. Perhaps together we make one Serious Writer and one total screwball?

    Um. Actually.

  2. Heh. I think you would be correct there, Mris, but I think you’d get quite a lot of debate as to which is which.

  3. Well, did you at least get a copy of the pop-up dinosaur book?

    Chicago is a great city. I went there to visit some friends a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. Just walking around downtown, seeing the sights, was fantastic.

  4. I did get a copy of the dinosaur book, and it is actually very cool. Athena loves it.

  5. I think it’s only on the average, John, because I’m not willing to sign on for a whole portion of either.

  6. Um, that’s ‘crap’ as in ‘wish they’d got it right for you’, not as in ‘stupid people’, because I’m sure they were all perfectly charming and lovely at the trade show.

  7. Huh. The did get the name wrong. I suppose I would have been annoyed had I noticed it at the time.

  8. And here I was going to ask when The Old Man’s War would be coming out…

    I take it you got out of here before the string of thunderstorms rolled through yesterday…

  9. Good Lord, unless I’m completely off my gourd, that is Queen of All Saints Basilica on Devon Avenue in Chicago!

    Am I wrong?

    If not, allow me to say….excellent grade school attached, says the fella from the class of ’74.

    Go, you Benedictine Sisters!

  10. Completely wrong: It’s the Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago. Sorry.

  11. You’re absolutely correct – i had forgotten QAS’s steeple.

    They are similar looking churches, though. I found this picture of Queen of All Saints basilica on google.

    Incidentally, QAS was commonly referred to as “Queers of All Sorts” by rival schools.

    School age children can be so cruel (though also quite amusing, retrospectively).

  12. Another guy from the class of ’74 here & I also originally thought it was a picture of QAS; but then again I also thought we were called Queen of All Cadillacs behind our backs.

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