Things to Know About Clones, Addendum


Sure, clones are cute when they’re small. But the rivalries. Oy.  

11 Comments on “Things to Know About Clones, Addendum”

  1. What an actress! She doesn’t have to study for a job or look for work, all the photos posted of her say it: SHE’S AN ACTRESS!!! ~Cindy! :)

  2. Oh axe-wielding lady! Do not kill your brethren!

    Oh lady who looks in shock, go and help your incapacitated sister!

    Oh lady who kneels, stand up, and wrest that weapon away from your clone’s hands!

  3. You know, she’s a little scary-looking with that battle axe. Maybe it’s just a fallout from that picture of her as a peep, but I think you should give her some nice fuzzy pink dolls or something before she gets the wrong idea and becomes a berserker warrior or something… ;’)

  4. Eh, I didn’t notice that you had a a similar thing going on with the TV, but with a different perspective. Brilliant attention to detail, John.

  5. Who’s that on the far right trying to stop Athena III from beheading Athena II? Some puppet Frankenstein? Ed Sullivan? Pee Wee Herman’s evil midget twin Biff? The mind boggles.

    John, don’t be envious when you take the family to Worldcon if more fans want Athena’s autograph than yours!

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  7. What did you expect?? Frankenstein is cheering her on and you know as well as I do, that ALL women are multiple personalities. Nice fireplace..

  8. this is soo weird!!!!!!!! u shold go to jail!!!!!!!!!! i’m calling the police for crazy people on the internet!!!!!!!! CREEPS!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. And I’m calling the police for people who use too many exclamation points. Please stay where you are. They will be along presently.

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