Chrome Dome

It’s pretty much a fact that the balder you get, the shorter your hair needs to be in order to have it look good. The hair at the top of my head had gotten thin enough that not matter how short it got, it looked a little silly. So, I thought, screw it, and shaved my head. I think it looks fine, and more importantly, Krissy thinks it looks fine. I’ll probably keep the look for a while. The good news is that no matter what, now my hair officially can’t get any shorter.

Book Seven: Harry Potter and the Christopher Street Bathhouse

Somewhere on the Internet, writers of Harry Potter/Severus Snape slash have hearts exploding with squee.

And Then They Made Her Queen of Their World

One of my favorite recent pictures of Athena. Notice the levitation. Boy, those alien tractor ray beams really do work!