And Then They Made Her Queen of Their World

One of my favorite recent pictures of Athena. Notice the levitation. Boy, those alien tractor ray beams really do work! 

13 Comments on “And Then They Made Her Queen of Their World”

  1. Uh, John, it looks like the aliens are stealing one of your clones. Hopefully it’s the murderous, axe-wielding one.

  2. They’re not stealing her. They’re just taking her back to fix her. Because she’s not supposed be weilding axes until she’s at least 11.

  3. That shot reminds me of a scene from the animé film “Akira” (first US hit for Katsuhiro Otomo). The governments super-secret death ray satelite locks onto a key character- everything turns blue and he starts to levitate (you know, just before all hell breaks loose).

    I’d love to see a photoshop of this pic. A little blue-cast lighting and show some other things floating within the beam…sort of as an homage to the film.

  4. I am having too much fun with the camera. And glad of it. If I was just “eh,” I’d definitely be kicking myself for spending so much damn money on the thing.

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