Book Seven: Harry Potter and the Christopher Street Bathhouse

Somewhere on the Internet, writers of Harry Potter/Severus Snape slash have hearts exploding with squee.

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  1. Oh come on dude, it’s totally Harry and Draco who are going to fall in love.

    (actually I had a double take because the subtitle said “author reveals” but then I remembered that J.K. Rowling isn’t going to get chatty about the 7th book until she’s done with it so then all was right with the universe once more)

  2. Oh, Harry and Severus isn’t about love. It’s about wands and potions. If you know what I mean.

  3. Actually, slash fans are just disgusted. We may be creepy and all with our odd little stories, but shockingly enough, girls who write about boys who like boys also tend to be disgusted by bullies, bigots and jacknapes.

  4. OK, what they aren’t telling you is there will be an eighth Harry Potter book called HARRY POTTER AND HOGWARTZ PIE.

    It opens as Harry and his uncle catch Dudley doing something lewd to a cherry pie. Harry says, “If you drive me to the train station, you can tell Auntie I did it. She hates me anyway.”

    Repeatedly, Hermoine keeps saying, “And this one time, in wand camp…”

    Ron Weasly meets Mrs. Draco to the strains of “Mrs. Robinson.”

    The graduation party is held at the Draco estate. The morning after, Draco wanders into the rec room and sees… “Mom? Weasley?” Faints.

    They want Tarantino to direct the movie.

  5. Ye gods.

    Aren’t priests supposed to offend people? I mean, decrying evil and corruption and all of that never goes over very well.

    Though I can get behind the “TV is crap next to books” thing.

  6. nothing from the books relates to anything posted!!! At the end of the sixth book, Harry leaves Hogwarts! In my opinion, R.A.B., the initials harry found on that letter in the locket, Belong to Regulus Black. Sirius Blacks brother. He was a death eater, therefore “HE KNEW VOLDEMORT! Dont you people get it? It fits perfectly. It the 5th Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix, while they were cleaning out number twelve, Grimmauld Place, It mentions(just in passing) that they found a locket that none of them could open in a cubard in the drawing room. Regulus Black used to live there because it was the black family house, therefore I beleive that Regulus Black stole the locket/horcrux from voldemorts hiding place before harry and dumbledore could get to it and then brought it to Grimmauld Place to destroy it but never could because he was killed by Voldemort but voldemort never found out that regulus had it and never bothered to get to his hiding place to retreive the note from the fake horcrux because he didnt know that it was fake. Thats my theory. I cant wait for the 7th book in order to find out the truth.

  7. Amanda, your so right. but ok, theyll never destroy the horcrux tho. one, they couldn’t open it. and second they dont really know that tho so they couldn’t open it, likely. In passing yes, she mentions it, but they dont really know. Save for harry. mind you, hermoine figures everything out…hell notice tho. harry i mean. hes only one what knows so…anyway i guess i gotta go before i really get into this. Just one more thing tho. Harry will have help, jusg a guess

  8. Who is R.A.M(the one that has the locket)? Regulus Black. Sirius Black’s brother. (i think i spelled Regulus wrong)

  9. Ok. half these comments have NOTHING to do with the book. I think this 7th book will have only a little to do with hogwarts. I would be very happy if draco and harry became a couple, because if you think about it, they’d be good for each other, buts thats like, not going to happen. I think that Snape is still good and is a double spy. I also think HARRY IS A HORCRUX!!! when Voldemort blasted Harry when harry was one, he gave part of himself to harry. so i think harry will have to kill himself to kill voldemort. plain and simple. Although Voldemort wants to kill harry. Maybe he wants to remove the Horcrux. I dont know. Any responses??

  10. you guys are mad to think that draco and harry will fall in love it is probably going to be somin like this

    1 Harry bangs up Ginny well at the wedding.

    2 Harry bands up Fluer or whatever her name is.

    3 Ron bangs Hermonie.

    4 Harry dosn’t band any one.

    5 Harry kills He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and marrys Ginny and Ron marrys Hermonie

    6 Nevlle kills He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
    and marrys Luna Lovegood

    and i very bad speller
    If you want have any other ideas ples conntact me

  11. I agrey with that CJ dude but when Harry bangs up Ginny She gets pregnet and when Harry is fighting Voldemart Harry gets killed and Harry’s son is called Harry also so when Harry Jr grows up all the Horexcurses are destroyed and Harry Jr kills Voldemart and Harry Jr marrys Nevelle’s and Luna Lovegood’s child which her name is Luna also.

  12. no ones gonna bang anyone…what the hell??

    its a fantasy book! jk rowling is not gonna be like “harry did ginny hard!” or w.e

  13. I think the laast horexcures is the goblet of fire because when Voldemart killed Digory that was one of the closest things and it was held by all the founding people i don’t think he would pass that up and it would be extremly safe with the people garding it so that would be his spells to protect it! No way would the horexcurs be Harry. Whatever this will be an amazing series i love J.K. ROWLING for writing this series. She is my hero. I wonder if she will write books about Harrys life after he kills Voldemart? She may write about Harry’s parents James and Lily wow i just realised James and James are names are the same. Also that C.J. must have been high when he wrote that, but i do think Harry and Ginny will marry but i don’t think it will be talking how hard Harry did Ginny I also agree that Harry and Ginny will have a son named Harry jr or maybe James or Albus hmm. I also think Ron and Hermoine will be lovers. And maybe Draco will take over after Voldemartis dead. I think that is all. If anything else intresting ples conntact me

  14. i think that harry will destroy voldemort and he and ginny will get married. i also think that fleur and bill will get divorced and ron and haremione will get married. mr. weasley will die and so will lupin and tonks. i agree that draco will take over after voldemort is dead.

  15. No way will Mr.weasley die maybe Lupin dies after one last fatel attempt of the deatheaters after voldemart dies and tonks commiets suicede to be with Lupin but Fleur and Bill will NOT GET A DIVORICE but Harry and Ginny will get married and so will Ron and Hermonie. And Cho Chang and Neville will get married laugh laugh laugh like Neville would have a chance!!!!!!!!

  16. Helll no Harry shoud not marry hermonie he should marry Ginny.

    RON WILL MARRY HERMONIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Helll no Harry shoud not marry hermonie he should marry Ginny.

    RON WILL MARRY HERMONIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i believe that draco will somehow escape from voldemort’s punishment for not completing his mission. I think snape will become voldemort’s right hand man (in title since voldemort does not have friends) and i believe draco will come running like a little bitch to beg for harry’s help. i don’t think anyone’s getting married except for bill and fleur..that’s wishful thinking. u have to understand. NEXT BOOK IS LAST BOOK. she’s not gonna write a book the size of an encyclopedia. so while they weren’t bad ideas, most of your posts are fantasies. i don’t think Voldemort has a 7th Horcrux yet. i think that Albus was correct in assuming that Voldemort was saving Harry for the 7th. the Cedric and Goblet of fire theory is interesting, and i will accept that…but i think he’s saving harry for Nagini. HOWEVER, i think harry will kill nagini prior to killing big V. so basic layout of next book will be. start at dursley’s (at dumbledore’s last request) go to burrow for wedding, the trio departs for Horcrux hunt, and i think voldemort will be rounding his horcruxes up and the trio will fight him often. or his death eaters atleast, and i think Harry will finish Voldemort at the hiding place of the 6th Horcrux. and i’m sad to say….Hermione will PROBABLY die. The weasleys seem invulnerable. she’s Ron’s love, Harry’s best friend, and Rawling proved by killing Dumbledore that even the least expected of characters are expendable for harry to reach his final goal. that’s just what i think

  19. hey you do not know what you are talking about because j.k.roling gave you tons of hints if you pay attetion in the book its harry and ginny ron and hermione and harry is so a horcrux so get alife the ones that dissagree

  20. amanda has everythig right noone eles has it exept for amanda harry has to die and ginny is all sad and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

  21. Uh, kids. Capitalization, punctuation and basic grammar are all nice things. I’m just saying. And since it’s my place here, I’m going to ask to at least make an effort in that direction. Okay? Thanks.

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