Bell Ringing


At the local pumpkin festival, they have this fake rock wall that’s about 30 feet tall, with a buzzer on top you try to get to in order to ring. And here’s Athena at the top of that wall, ringing said buzzer. Actually for the second time, since the first time I was just busy whooping it up. Clearly, the kid doesn’t have an issue with heights. And before you all berate me for letting her climb up 30 feet, she’s on a tension rope. No danger of falling fast enough to hurt herself.

After the feat, it was time to celebrate with the customary treat of climbers everywhere, a tradition begun on the icy summit of Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay their very selves: A deep fried Twinkie!

It’s cherry syrup, you sickos.

Story re: Subterranean Magazine on

F&SF editor John Joseph Adams interviewed me on the upcoming Subterranean Magazine cliche issue for’s Sci Fi Wire, which makes this single story one of the great confluences of science fiction print in modern history! You can read the story here. And don’t forget to submit!