Story re: Subterranean Magazine on

F&SF editor John Joseph Adams interviewed me on the upcoming Subterranean Magazine cliche issue for’s Sci Fi Wire, which makes this single story one of the great confluences of science fiction print in modern history! You can read the story here. And don’t forget to submit!

3 Comments on “Story re: Subterranean Magazine on”

  1. Awesome write-up! Gotta love

    I just today mailed off a contract to give Subterranean one of my favorite short stories ever. You can’t see it right now, but I’m bootydancing in my chair here at work. Oh yes. Yes I am.

  2. On the subject of Subterranean Press, would you care to comment on the item “An Old Man’s War Tale” by a certain J. Scalzi that has appeared in their catalogue for pre-order, hmmm…?

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