La la la la la la la la

To the folks writing me e-mails asking me to comment about one thing or another happening in the world: You know, I would, but I’m going through one of my occasional periods of intense apathy about national and world events, so at the moment I’m finding it hard to care. I suspect it’s partly a defensive measure my brain kicks in after I spend too much time thinking about large events of world importance, and as we all know, last month I went just smidgen overboard with the whole Katrina thing. This month, nationally, all we have got going is the conservatives tearing out Bush’s entrails over Harriet Miers, and while I certainly find it amusing that now everyone hates George Bush, I don’t find it engaging enough at this point to say anything about. Other people are getting foamy enough over it that I’m content to let them take the lead at this point.

Bear in mind that it’s not that what’s going on with Miers isn’t important (not to mention the earthquake in Pakistan, the oncoming bird flu pandemic, or skyrocketing heating costs with winter coming on). It’s just that I can’t manage to rouse more than a token amount of concern or interest at the moment. Call it real world fatigue or something. I’ll get over it eventually. In the near-term, however, you should probably expect me to do the blog-writing equivalent of puttering about the house in a bathrobe for at least the next couple of weeks. I’m just warning you, is all.

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  1. Kinda reminds me of this scene from “Sports Night”:

    Casey McCall: Didn’t you used to care about these things?
    Dan Rydell: Yes.
    Casey McCall: And it wasn’t that long ago that you did.
    Dan Rydell: No.
    Casey McCall: I mean, it was like yesterday.
    Dan Rydell: Right.
    Casey McCall: Now, when I say “yesterday, ” I’m not speaking metaphorically. I mean it was *yesterday*. What happened to your values?
    Dan Rydell: I find maintaining them is a lot of work. I take a day off every now and then.
    Casey McCall: You take a vacation from doing the right thing?
    Dan Rydell: Yeah. I don’t loot storefronts or anything, but once in a while, I consider the effort it takes to diligently adhere to a moral compass. I take myself out of the lineup and I rest up for the next game.
    Casey McCall: I swear, you could run for Congress and win.
    Have fun sitting this round out.

  2. *sigh* I miss “Sports Night.”

    On an even more unrelated note, would someone out there who has a “Writers Market” mind giving me the skinny on Motorbooks International (MBI)?

    steve [at] crownfox [dot] com.

    Ta very much.

  3. Ahh, the Sports Night love reigns still.

    But you left out the best line:

    Dan: Not with a goatee.

    Lastly, it’s sad that I know – without looking it up, that the episode where the exchange takes place is “Mary Pay Shelby”, Season 1, disc 1, episode 5.

  4. Ah, but now we have to wait and see if Scalzi’ll “throw one in for nothing.”Dan: But that’s all going to change, though, once I grow a goatee.Casey: He’s just crazy enough to do it, too.Steve, I’ll second that sigh.

  5. I choose to believe that he’s pure genius and the coke just helps occupy the voices in his head long enough for him to write down the smart stuff.

    Sigh. Sports Night.

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