The entire Scalzi clan is home ill. Yes, even the cats. See you all tomorrow. In the meantime, consider this an open thread.

18 Comments on “Phlegmily”

  1. I’ve been sick more in the last four weeks than I was all last year. Not coincidentally, it all started around the time my daughter started going to daycare twice a week. Definitely backs up what I’ve been hearing (tangentially to the Avian flu coverage) about infants and toddlers being primary vectors for spreading viruses and the like.

  2. I’m also sick, but I was tracing that back to a Ren Faire attendance under pouring rain last Saturday. On the other hand, far too many people at the Faire were also sick, so maybe not the rain, but the people.


    Although it seems like a more-than-usual number of people whose LiveJournals I read are also suffering from some form of cold. Maybe the first plague of the season is upon us… or maybe I’m just exercising selective perception.

    Chibent, what is lesnerizing?

  3. My twin 19-month old daughters have been sick twice in the three weeks they’ve been going to a mother-daughter group. Definitely goes with the territory.

  4. I’ve been sick over the last week or so, and now one of my roommates appears down with a cold as well. Pretty much 1 out of ever 4 people I know is sick right now.

  5. John…perhaps you should wear a cap on that newly shiny head.

    Do you have Vicks? I look forward to being sick so I can pull out the Vicks. My mom would always tie a bandana around our necks and slather Vicks on our chests whenever we got sick.
    I sneezed a few times today. I’m going for the blue jar. Ahh……stinky, sinus-opening goodness

  6. I’m sick. I have a cold. I think I must have got it from the Scalzi people, who appear to invented a web-based cold virus.

  7. It was called the Holy Roman Empire because Loosely-Allied Pseudo-State Of Belligerent, Frequently Drunk Germanic Warlords didn’t have quite the, whaddaya call it, panache.

  8. I haven’t been sick at all this year. Really.

    I must be blessed with homosuperior genes. The genes of Wolverine (and other mutants) roam within me. Yay.

    Oh, and get well soon Scalzi!

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