Daily Archives: October 12, 2005

Writers on Writers, And It’s Not What You Think

Nor would you want it to be. Writers tend to be lumpy. Two of them together? Yeeeech. Cherie Priest (who, for the record, does not appear to be inappropriately lumpy) notes an inherent wariness about meeting writers: I tend to get along poorly with other writers until I know them well enough to know that […]

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Tech Geekery Which Promises Not to Be Of Interest to Anyone But Me

First off, my recent Web site invoice informs me that I used 70GB of bandwidth last month. Actually I used very little of it; it’s the rest of all y’all who have done the honors. Which makes me think, damn, that’s a lot of bandwidth, and it’s not like I’m swapping warez here, it’s just […]

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