Athena’s Gothy Holiday Greetings!


Yeah, this one’s going to get pilfered for all the goth message boards for sure. And why not!

It’s a few days early for Halloween, but Athena just couldn’t wait. And can you blame her.  

The picture this was derived from, and other creepy delights, available behind the cut.

Here’s the "original" of that holiday greeting:


And another version, which I put up earlier and then took down, in which I had Athena’s eyes replicating the big creepy eyes of the stuffed dog:


Mmmm… Photoshop.  

And because all that freakiness needs to be counteracted by cuteness:


That should do it.  

14 Comments on “Athena’s Gothy Holiday Greetings!”

  1. Hey, what happened to the Big Creepy Eyes? I saw it in my RSS reader and was happily creeped, but now it’s not here. Was it too creepy?

  2. I thought two creepy pictures on the same night was a bit much, and I went with this one instead. But I’ll reinstate that picture behind the cut.

  3. I see Athena has good taste: Where the Sidewalk Ends. My 9 yr. old daughter has worn out that book and also Falling Up. She loves reading them to me every once in a while.

  4. I am truely amazed by your Photoshopping abilities and wish I could steal them from you! Alas I have yet to create that ability stealing machine, so I must simply sit here and envy you.

  5. You know, your Photoshop skillz are so mad that one might suspect that your “cute” portraits are as… enhanced, say… as your “creepy” ones. Luckily, people who have met your family IRL haven’t said anything/are in on it.

  6. Yes, there’s that “Cute” filter on Photoshop. It was developed especially for baby photographers,

    When I post “real” pictures, I do sometimes I use Photoshop to get rid of “shine” on noses due to flash and etc. That’s about the extent of it.

  7. Big Eyed Athena is creepy. Although, I wonder how I find anime, manga and other forms of Japanese artwork appealing.

    But that last picture of Athena is cute!

    (This post gave me quite a huge laugh, haha.)

  8. Becky, it takes a special kind of person to write an entire sentence and have “is” as the only correctly-spelled word.

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